Fundamental Reasons To Buy A Wooden Watch

Thought about buying a Wooden Watch? Then this will be the perfect guide for you!


Wooden materials come in the fashion world with tons of advantage. The fashion world has considered wood as the valuable material to promote both fashionable appearance and green advantage. Wooden watches are fashionable for both men and women.


Wooden watches have gained the popularity in fashion industries. Many brands have produced their own wooden watches. They’re just beautiful, unique, simple, and casual. Here are some fundamental reasons why you should consider wooden watch:


1. Green Wear

Wooden watches, as they’re claimed and promoted, are more environmental-friendly. The label is derived from the concept that wooden materials are renewable resources. However, as well as the wooden furniture, we need to ensure that the materials are meeting any eco-certifications. A greener concept is more like a trend now.

In other hands, many wooden watches are intentionally built from reused and recycled materials. This way, all wooden watch products are extremely green. You may wear watches built from former doors or even old ships. Watch companies hire professional watchmakers, to ensure the quality of wooden watches. Quality and eco-friendly are the main advantages of wooden watches.


2. Natural Look

Since they’re made out of different pieces or parts of wood, there is no wooden watch, that is exactly the same as any other. The patterns of wood grains are certainly unique, creating each wooden watch distinctive in motifs, characters, and aesthetics. In fact, you can consider these diverse motifs in selecting your own watch.


3. Light

If you get used to wearing metal watches, then you’ll feel different experiences with wooden watches. They’re certainly lighter than the metal ones since most of the parts are made from wood. It’s pretty much like wearing a plain band which is actually a real timepiece. It improves your movement without sacrificing the fashionable look.


4. Safe

Even though each vendor may use a different type of wood, most wooden watches are certainly hypoallergenic. If you’re allergic to metal, then wooden watches are the best option for you. Gone are the days where you have to stand out against itchiness as you’re wearing watches.

Furthermore, wooden watches are mostly free of chemicals. Manufacturers don’t need to use any chemicals to treat woods, that’s why wooden watches are safer than the metal ones. They also don’t use nickel, which is not only allergic but also vulnerable to abrasion and corrosion when exposed to sweat, dirt, or grimes.


5. Competitive Price

Since the demand has increased, many brands produce their wooden watches and sell them at competitive prices. Remember, the wooden watches are unique, it may distract you from a brand-minded for a while and starts finding the one that suits your style and taste.


6. Aging

Like hard wooden furnishings, wooden watches can turn into patina as the time passes by. A single wooden watch can give you a unique experience through aging. You may wonder how the watch will change after several years, it remains a mystery until you get there. Different woods may show a different aging process.


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